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depending on the standard and floor space required for
the flock. The front part of the module is strong enough
for workers to stand or sit on to vaccinate birds and easily
perform required husbandry.
Salmet's new Pedigrow hybrid pullet system
can be used by customers who do not know yet
whether their market will fully convert to cage-free
production. A top tier can be kept closed for use as
a conventional system or the entire system can be
opened to grow cage-free pullets. 
A recent introduction to the U.S. market by
Vencomatic is the Bolegg Starter system, which is
a hybrid of two older products. This system uses a
tree design, which starts birds on the lower level. As
pullets age, movable platforms and water lines are
raised to encourage movement up into the system.
A second level with feed availability and an aerated
manure belt underneath offers more space for birds
as well as a departure point to perches. 

Cage-free laying equipment
Vencomatic and Valli equip their nesting boxes with
movable floors. Vencomatic uses a tipping floor, which
helps keep the nesting area clean as manure and feathers
fall off when raised.
Valli uses a motor-driven egg expeller built to manipulate the nesting area of two of its aviary systems. A
rocking motion of the floor encourages birds to move out
of the nest when not laying eggs. The back of the nesting
area is easily removed to allow workers maintenance
access to the egg belt and to easily replace nest pads.
The VLV Plus system from Valli utilizes a ramp to
a higher nest area, which helps reduce overcrowding of
nests. Birds must choose a specific ramp and nest rather
than walking back and forth in front of the nest row,
creating congestion while they decide which nest to enter.
For multifloor cage-free houses, Big Dutchman has
introduced a new option made of plastic for intermediate
flooring between house levels. This plastic floor is dark
on the upper side where birds are present and white on the
underside to better reflect light on the system below.

(floor management system)

The Specht Varia Plus system is the result of our
decade-long experience. Specht has been producing
system for poultry farming since 1967.
The advantages of the Specht Varia Plus System
at a glance:
>> Additional areas above the nest and the approach
sheet, without disturbing the overview.
>> Water, feed, rest area and nest units are available
in all levels of the system.
>> Short distances to the nest as nests have been
integrated in every tier and thus the highest nest
acceptance and little mislaid eggs.
>> The manure belts beneath the system are
designed not too wide, Hereby the manure belts
run trouble-free and minimum wear is ensured.
laying hens all the advantage
The Varia Plus system offers
ourages the
of natural movement and enc
allows the poultry farmers
The modular element system
an efficient use of the poultry
The well-arranged allocation
animal control.

enables an optimum

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Egg Industry - March 2020

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