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today, will they reach for the more expensive option?"
While Hansen's point is one that many have raised,
meeting cage-free demand isn't an issue for the company.
"Our portfolio allows us to be flexible," company president
Paul Hardy said. There is a cage-free liquid market Rembrandt
can tap into for further processed products, he added.
"We can scale up pretty quickly, to be honest. We have
birds coming in all the time. We only need a couple of
months' head's up so pullets can be properly raised," he said.

Rembrandt Foods President
Paul Hardy, believes there
will always be demand for
sustainable conventional
eggs. Courtesy Rembrandt Foods

Through transparency and effective communication,
Hardy hopes the company's customers will understand that
conventional housing systems are a very sustainable way to
While Rembrandt has made it a priority to meet customer
raise eggs while maintaining the well-being of the layers.
demands, it also wants to make sure it is offering products
"The consumer's impression of hen housing comes from
in the most sustainable and transparent way possible.
animal welfare groups, instead of producers," Hardy said.
"We are feeding the world and providing an affordIndustry members "need to keep putting facts out there."
able protein source to all. That is one of the main reasons I
Several countries have made the move to cage-free
joined this company. I believe there will always be demand
production, so U.S. egg suppliers already have some
for more sustainable conventional eggs," Hardy said.
knowledge as to what to expect in the coming years.
He went on to discuss his thoughts on all the common
Hardy said his many years working outside of the U.S.
drivers associated with
offered him new
cage-free prices such as
insight into sustainRembrandt Foods sees opportunity
labor and construction
ability. He believes
in protein powder market:
and shared his perspecthat consumers in
tive on the true "costs" of
Germany and Japan
the cage-free movement.
have a better under"The additional product costs of cage free are organic
standing of sustainable agriculture and hopes some of that
to the process, but there is also a cost to the environment,"
may translate to the U.S. market soon.
Hardy said.
Gidley led the startup of Rembrandt Foods and was
Looking forward
there when the company began housing cage-free birds in
As Rembrandt prepares for the future, it is considering all
2009. Rembrandt was one of the first to supply cage-free
the factors involved: affordability, sustainability, animal
egg products before it was popular.
welfare and new housing legislation. The company will
"It's pretty simple: Cage-free barns require more land.
allow demand to shape its product assortment and will
The birds eat more and drink more. They leave behind a
alter its supply accordingly.
larger carbon footprint," Gidley said.
Transparency will continue to be a part of its identity,
Ultimately, animal welfare takes priority over certain
and the company works diligently to build strong partnerhousing labels. It comes down to a commitment to best
ships across the industry.
practices over what he feels are misguided perceptions.
"We are confident that we can meet our customers'
"We absolutely want to do what's best for our flocks.
demand for cage-free eggs today and we're prepared to
Unhealthy, uncomfortable birds don't produce as well, so
navigate the ever-changing landscape over the next three
we need to consider all that entails," Gidley said.
to five years," Hardy said. ■ ❙ March 2020

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Egg Industry - March 2020

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Egg Industry - March 2020
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